Water Buffalo Horn

Nickel City Pet Pantry


Water Buffalo Horn Dog Treats provide all the long-lasting chewing sessions your dog could ever ask for. Made from Water Buffalo, these super durable treats are high in protein, low in fat and free from grains. These treats are enticing for your dog, keeping them chewing for the long haul, which helps support dental and gum health.


  • Helps promote good dental health by scraping tartar and buildup during chew sessions.
  • High in protein and low in fat for a treat you and your dog will feel good about.
  • Free from grains that may affect sensitive stomachs. 

Precautions: Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew or treat. Because this treat comes from a natural source, it’s sizing, color and appearance may vary- this is normal. To prevent injury and choking hazard, please watch your pet while they enjoy this treat and be sure it is the appropriate size chew for your dog.