Bo's Slow-Cooked

Why does the slow-cooking process make a difference? Slow-cooking helps to retain flavor and nutrients, making our food more palatable for your pets. We get great feedback from pet parents of "picky eaters." It also creates a higher starch conversion, which can lead to increased stamina in pets.

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Trusted Owners

At Nickel City Pet Pantry, our mission is to make a pawsitive difference in the lives of pets and their owners by providing high-quality services and products. We proudly feature our exclusive line, Bo's Slow-Cooked Pet Foods, alongside a curated assortment of wholesome treats and chews. Combined with Alford's Angels Dog Grooming, we offer quality one-on-one grooming services, dog daycare, and training, emphasizing quality care and nutrition. With the convenience of home delivery, our commitment extends beyond just meeting needs; we are committed to the safety, comfort, health and happiness of your furry family members, making us more than just a business – we're a family.

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